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I've always purchased the cheap bats. You know...the ones you use for a few games and then they break. Well I decided to buy a MaxBat because I liked the models to choose from. I still have my first A10, and it's lasted me 2 seasons and has been awesome.
Greg Heisey
HS baseball
These bats are the best. I have ordered several bats and they always amaze me each year. Keep up the great work MaxBat.
Don Pustulka
Charlotte Adult Baseball League (CABL)
Got the bats, love the customization, love how the ball just flies off bat. I bought 2 and use them both daily whether in the cage or on the field, they out perform any other brand period. Hard maple really kicks ash.
Braden Pelley
Columbus North High School
Hands down best bat i have ever used. Lasted through batting practice everyday and games throughout this entire season as well as summer. Thank you MaxBat for the amazing creation
Danny Glover
High School Athlete
This is by far the best bat you can own. With a MaxBat the ball flies off the barrel like no other. I would highly recommend a MaxBat to anyone who is playing baseball.
Eric Alcantara
High School Player
Received my MaxBat last week and consider it a jewel. The 191X looks, feels, and sounds great. It's easily better than than any other wood bat that I've purchased. Doubt I will break it anytime soon, but will be getting another one when/if that day comes.
Bradford Mulkey
Got the R10 three pack and the bats look amazing. They have so much pop. I look foward to using them in games
HS player
I have used many different types and brands of wood bats in my career. MaxBats surpass all other bats and brands that I have used. The ball jumps off of these bats like no other. But what I like the most is their durability. These bats are fantastic. I could not be happier with the product or the service. Thanks for all you guys do!
Carl Whittington
High School Coach/ MSBL Player
My switch from aluminum to wood was flawless with MaxBat. They are very durable and very hard.
Xavier Jimenez
Xaverian HS Brooklyn NY
Bought my 12 yr old the Youth model. He didn't want to try it at first, but now he won't use anything else. Yes, he's very big for his age and should probably go to a 32" but the ball jumps off this maple as well as his aluminum big barrel. Just ordered the 191 for him.
Stan Ryback

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