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I expected my new bat to arrive in about four weeks from the time I ordered. Instead, I got it in one week! Incredible. The balance and weight of my bat, along with the customization, made it the perfect bat for me. The J26 is my new bat. MaxBat is my new supplier.
Adrian Riley
Columbus MABL/MSBL
I purchased a MaxBat because I wanted to get a bat that I could make any color and there were so many different models to chose from. When I placed my order, the confirmation said it would come in two to three weeks and I got it in 7 days. I got to use it right away and went 4 for 5 and the bat has so much power it was sweet...! Thank you for the fast service and awesome bat.
Nathaniel Stelse
High School and Perfect Game Player
I was playing a pick up game with a couple of buddies and I was using my 191. That bat just eats the ball up and by far has the best pop for a wood bat I have ever used. Thanks MaxBat.
James Stolar
MaxBats last much longer than other wood bats I have used. They are far more durable and you can tell that the maple is very high quality. The quick turnaround time is the best in baseball too.
Tyler Weeden
High A - Pro Player
"There isn't a harder wood bat on the market than MaxBat, and I'm a huge fan of the B21. It's the hardest bat I've ever swung. The balance is perfect for a big and long barreled bat, and there is more room for error if I miss-hit a ball. I get consistent bats every time I order from MaxBat, and I'm extremely happy with their durability, turnaround time, and customer service."
Chase Headley
2007 Texas League Player of the Year
Wow! I just recieved my white-hot pack. I figured I'd try a new model since I'd been using the H2 and these white-hot models are simply amazing. The finish really stands out and the bats are perfectly balanced. I went 3-3 in the All-Star game and so far since transfering to the 191 I'm hitting .465 for the second half compared to .321 in the first half with the H2. Your quality can't be matched. You guys have a life long customer with me. Keep up the good work and thanks to Craig Monroe (Detriot Tigers) for introducing me to the MaxBat family.
Jerry Sillivan
United League
MaxBat is the best bat I have ever hit with. I thought I had broken it plenty of times and it doesn't have the slightest crack while other brands would be scattered throughout the infield. I have the B21 model and I love it. I was pleased that I could determine the weight drop. I highly recommend MaxBat as it sets every other brands to shame with their performance and quality.
High School
Great service. I opted for over-night service and got it at 9am the next morning. Then that night in my Del Val game, I hit a first pitch homerun 370ft. This is the best bat I ever had, even better then the exo and stealth. I'm even using it in my legion games. The C4 is great. Yesterday I had a tryout/ showcase and I was the only one with a wood bat. I hit it just as well as the kids with metal. The bat is just fantastic and you will have my business my entire baseball career. Thank you.
David Prager
High School player
My son hit a line drive double the first time he used his new MaxBat. When he came back to the dugout he said, "WOW...It didn't even feel like I hit the ball".
Sean Mullen
Oxford L.L.
AMAZING.... enough said
Kevin Putkonen
Twilight Baseball

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