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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer warranties on your bats?

Every wood bat produced by MaxBat, Inc. has been precision crafted to exact specifications. We pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our wooden baseball bats, which not only meet, but also exceed industry quality and durability standards. Every MaxBat is thoroughly inspected by every member of our production team to ensure there are no defects or blemishes. Due to the nature of the game, hitting baseballs at high speeds with a natural piece of wood will occasionally result in breakage. For this reason, warranties are not offered on all of our wood bats. The In-Stock Birch MaxBats do however come with a 30-Day Warranty. That information can be found on the individual product pages (In-Stock Birch 191, R10, and C4R).

What is the ink-spot on the handle of your Maple and Birch bats?

All MaxBats are treated as if they are being produced for a Major League Baseball player. Each Maple and Birch MaxBat features a visible ink-spot on the face grain of the handle. This ink-spot indicates that the bat has not only gone through the MLB slope-of-grain quality control test, but has also passed with a slope-of-grain less than 3 degrees. The MaxBat logo has also been rotated 90 degrees and placed on the edge grain to conform to MLB rules (adopted in 2009) that only apply to Maple and Birch bats (logo previously placed on the face grain). These steps ensure that you are swinging the same wood as our professional clients.

What are the specifics with regard to shipping?

MaxBat custom baseball bats sent using regular ground shipment. Depending on your location, there will be Rush Ground, Next Day Air, and 2nd Day Air options available during checkout if you require a faster delivery.

What's harder? A finished bat or an unfinished bat?

They are both just as strong. Because the maple that we use is so dense, nothing can really be added to it to make it any stronger. The finish is simply cosmetic, but some players swear that it makes our bats harder. We won't argue.

Why does MaxBat recommend no greater than a -2 weight drop?

Anytime you choose a lighter bat, you are choosing a weaker bat. Many players today are so used to swinging the ultra light aluminum bats, that it's hard mentally picture themselves swinging anything heavier than a -3. The fact is that most everyone can handle a heavier wood bat. And the heavier the bat, the stronger it is and will have more pop.

What is your turnaround time for custom bats?

That can vary depending on the time of year, but we're usually very fast. If you're ordering unfinished maple, we tend to ship those within 4 days of your order . If the order is for finished maple, those typically ship out within 8 days.

I have a tournament this weekend. Do you have any bats in stock?

Yes, we always have an ample supply of our best selling models on hand for those occasions when you need a bat right away. The majority of the in-stock bats are 33" long, but we also have some 33.5" and 34" on the rack.

How should I store my bats when I'm not using them?

Keep them inside. Cold or hot conditions aren't the ideal conditions for wood bats, so don't keep them in the trunk of your car or in the back of your SUV if you can avoid it.

Do all of your bats come with a cupped barrel? What does that do?

Yes, all of our models are cupped to some degree. Some deeper than others. We do this to help control the requested weight of each bat. A cupped bat will not weaken a bat. In fact we can use a slightly heavier bat blank to make a cupped bat as opposed to an uncupped bat. Any time we can use a heavier bat blank in production, we are using a harder and stronger piece of wood.

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