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ProXR Knob Technology

PROXR - U.S. PAT. 7,744,497

Connect to your best performance at the plate with ProXR and MaxBat.

  • Angled design increases natural range of motion.
  • Contoured design engages the batter's hand for maximum bat control.
  • Reduced compression results in increased protection of the hands.
  • Greater surface engagement with the hand increases bat control.
  • Reduced knob compression results in smoother power through the ball.
  • Round handle designed for a rotational baseball swing.

MaxBat ProXR Handles


ProXR handle shape

Protection, Performance, & Real Power

ProXR ergonomic knob is famous for its reduced knob compression, an increased grip connection, increased bat control, improved performance and a more powerful swing. This ProXR knob is for players who prefer a bit more aggressive, fully connected feel in the hands, promoting more control and power. Sizes include small for most batters, medium for greater hand contact and large for players who prefer oversized knobs.

Check out the ProXR's design! Click, hold, and drag to rotate.

ProXR Epic

ProXR handle shape

Ultimate Grip, Total Freedom, & More Power

The new ProXR Epic is a hybrid knob design with minimal compression to generate more power. The ProXR Epic pairs ProXR's legendary ergonomics with a no-knob design to deliver a streamlined minimal knob. This design provides a stable grip structure for the fingers while minimizing the knob engagement in the palm. The EPIC is preferred by hitters seeking minimal compression in the grip and greater freedom throughout the swing to drive the ball with more power. This knob delivers the ultimate grip, total freedom and more power!

Check out the ProXR Epic's design! Click, hold, and drag to rotate.
MaxBat features the ProXR
MaxBat is the ONLY bat manufacturer that allows you to add the ProXR knob to any custom wood bat in our lineup.
Check it out under the “knob” section of the custom bat builder

MaxBat ProXR vs. Axe Style Handles

ProXR’s Round Knob is Key

ProXR was designed from the ground-up specifically for a rotational baseball bat swing. It reduces compression in the hands and gives batters improved performance. The ProXR is the only angled knob technology that uses a round knob shape to help create a smoother swing.

Axe Handles Utilize Oval Knob

The swing of an actual axe (chopping wood), which the competitors’ products are based on, has a linear swing path. Meaning it drives the hands to the point of contact. The oval shape locks the hands into alignment with the swing path. This PREVENTS the hands from deviating from that swing path.


Standard Knob Crush

ProXR Connect

ProXR Epic Connect

3 to 5 MPH Increased Exit Velocity*

  • More consistent launch angles, 18° to 30°
  • Improved spin rate, 750 to 2000 rpm
  • Increased distance, 15 to 25 feet

* Results from professional players, your results may vary.

25% Compression Reduction

  • The ProXR reduced peak compression when the hands roll over the knob by 25%
  • Reducing possible Hamate injuries caused by traditional knob compression

The Speed Bump Effect

After intended contact, other knobs crash into the base hand - not ProXR, it provides a much smoother path.

Ready to be a part of the ProXR revolution?

The ProXR is available on any custom MaxBat bat model. Choose your bat model and add the ProXR in the knob options.

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