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I swing a 33" i13 bat and will never buy another brand or model again. Great balance, great feel, great pop, and pretty long-lasting. Max Bats has a customer for life.
David Le Tourneau
Indiana Adult Baseball League
My Grandmother ordered me a MaxBat for my birthday. I was so excited and proud of my MaxBat H2 that I let it sit on the wall for at least a week before using it. It had great pop (x10 better than BBCOR). I love it!!! Thanks guys you did a great job.
Colby Reed
Waco Storm
Absolutely fantastic. Used it in the cage and the ball just rocks off the bat! You have a full time subscriber to these one of a kind bats. I will always spread the word that MaxBats are the best bats in the business.
Steve B
HS player
As a consumer, the experience does not get any better. Great company with an outstanding product. Purchased three bats so far and not even one chip, splinter or crack yet. ROCK SOLID with plenty of POP!
Eugene Majetic
High School Wood Bat - VA
I bought the R10 in Jupiter last fall, and it is simply amazing. The wood is so hard, and the ball jumps off the bat like no other brand. Doing business with MaxBat is a pleasure as well. MaxBat is the only brand of bat I will ever swiwng.
Jared Huffman
MaxBats are by far the sickest bats I've ever swung! Ive gotten so much pop out of them and they last a long time. I'll gladly use MaxBats for the rest of my career.
Cam Mandel
njcaa baseball player
I've used MaxBat for 2 years now, and last year in high school I had to use my woody because I couldn't find my metal during the game. I went 4-4 that game with the farthest home run I ever hit. It had to go at least 440 clear over the left center scoreboard. Needless to say the R10 model will be with me for the rest of my career, as well as other models I'm trying out. MaxBats are the best bats I've ever had and won't ever use anything different.
Nick Bata
College baseball player (wood bat league)
I've been using you bats for about five years now and can honestly say they are my favorite! I had a model 191 last me three years and I just love the feel of the ball off bat. Every time I order a bat I'm like an excited kid checking the mail every day for my package. When it arrives it's almost too pretty to swing, but when you do it's worth the wait.
Mike G.
San Diego S.D.A.B.L.
FANTASTIC is the cannot find a more solid bat than this bat, a lot of my current pro bud's in " The Show" are using MaxBats...they're solid, they don't break and they have a POP off the bat that can't be beat!!
Mark McGarry
Ex Single A & AA pro player current MSBL player
I've been burning money all over the place trying to find the perfect bat and thankfully, my search is now over. The MaxBats that I got are silly good and not to toot my own horn, but I hit 3 bombs in a game with them this summer. The feel, balance, sound and pop they provide smoked everything else I've ever tried. Big fan and won't go anywhere else for my bats from here on out!
Jamie Spence - Springfield, VT
I've always purchased the cheap bats. You know...the ones you use for a few games and then they break. Well I decided to buy a MaxBat because I liked the models to choose from. I still have my first A10, and it's lasted me 2 seasons and has been awesome.
Greg Heisey
HS baseball
These bats are the best. I have ordered several bats and they always amaze me each year. Keep up the great work MaxBat.
Don Pustulka
Charlotte Adult Baseball League (CABL)
Got the bats, love the customization, love how the ball just flies off bat. I bought 2 and use them both daily whether in the cage or on the field, they out perform any other brand period. Hard maple really kicks ash.
Braden Pelley
Columbus North High School
Hands down best bat i have ever used. Lasted through batting practice everyday and games throughout this entire season as well as summer. Thank you MaxBat for the amazing creation
Danny Glover
High School Athlete
This is by far the best bat you can own. With a MaxBat the ball flies off the barrel like no other. I would highly recommend a MaxBat to anyone who is playing baseball.
Eric Alcantara
High School Player
Received my MaxBat last week and consider it a jewel. The 191X looks, feels, and sounds great. It's easily better than than any other wood bat that I've purchased. Doubt I will break it anytime soon, but will be getting another one when/if that day comes.
Bradford Mulkey
Got the R10 three pack and the bats look amazing. They have so much pop. I look foward to using them in games
HS player
I have used many different types and brands of wood bats in my career. MaxBats surpass all other bats and brands that I have used. The ball jumps off of these bats like no other. But what I like the most is their durability. These bats are fantastic. I could not be happier with the product or the service. Thanks for all you guys do!
Carl Whittington
High School Coach/ MSBL Player
My switch from aluminum to wood was flawless with MaxBat. They are very durable and very hard.
Xavier Jimenez
Xaverian HS Brooklyn NY
Bought my 12 yr old the Youth model. He didn't want to try it at first, but now he won't use anything else. Yes, he's very big for his age and should probably go to a 32" but the ball jumps off this maple as well as his aluminum big barrel. Just ordered the 191 for him.
Stan Ryback
I would like to tell you that your bats are by far the most durable wood maple bats on the market. I first bought my son a Youth model for his little league games and he loved it. I have also purchased an R10, C21, 610, and 141 and they have all been great. I want to thank you also for using the same wood in these bats as you do the pros. It really sets you apart from other companies. Thanks again!
Kevin Rodgers
Coach and Dad
MaxBat is by far the best wood bat I have ever swung. These bats have so much pop to them it feels as if I'm swinging a metal bat. Keep up the great work guys.
RJ Bernal
I'v had my Maxy for almost a year now and it has outlasted 4 aluminum bat's, and hit better than anything else that I've used. It's almost too good of a bat to be true. Even held up against those times when I was in a slump and maybe hit the batters box a little too hard.
Dusty McLions
High Schoo player
I recently purchased some MaxBats at a Perfect Game tournament in Florida, and I want to fully endorse your company. Not only are the bats a great value, but your representatives are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and they take a sincere interest in the young players who are using your product. Thank you MaxBat for producing such great bats and for everything else you do!!!
Dan Sutton
Best wood I've ever swung! Solid hits, great looking...definitely recommend. The White-Hot truly pop!!!
I've had my MaxBat for over a year and a half. Used it almost every day during the off season and during the season. Lasted longer then some of my aluminum bats!!
Big Mac
Again, MaxBat clears the fence with my last order. Amazing bats, best quality, best finish, best looks... I ordered two C4 models and I love them!!!! I still have my two first 243 models, and it's been almost two years and both are getting harder!! That is quality! Thanks.
alvin valdez
flagami league, Fl.
I have used MaxBats for over 5 years now and they are by far the easiest and best company to deal with. When I discovered their bats about 5 years ago, I ordered my first H2 and fell in love with the bat. I have now ordered over 3 to 4 dozen different bats and some apparel. I have been extremely happy with the product! The response you get back from the company is fast and very accurate. I recommend MaxBat to anyone out there looking for a company who puts their customers first! You will NOT be disappointed with MaxBat! Swing Maple because it kicks Ash any day! Swing MaxBat because it kicks the competition!
Ben Galbreath
College Coach & Ex Divison 1 Player
I was a senior at Sumrall High School (MS) this past year, and before the season started my coach suggested that I order a MaxBat from you guys. After using your bat all through pre-season and in practice I had the best year I've ever had at the plate. I finished with a 457 average, 12 homeruns, and 50 RBI's. Now a year later I'm still swinging the same bat as I prepare for my college career. It is without a doubt the best bat I have ever used. It has the best pop and it has truly served its purpose. I would like to recommend your bats to anyone that would like to improve their hands and quickness. Thank you.
Ethan Applewhite
Every single MaxBat I have ever purchased has been strong. I have finally convinced the team to purchase the Grand Slam package, we are mashing as a whole and are now ranked #2 in the state heading into playoffs with a dozen fresh MaxBats. Thank You!
Frank Means
Brill Millers-- W.B.A.
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