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Bats are what we do, we live to produce the best custom wood bats on the market.

We supply all players, of all levels, the bats they depend on to perform when they step in.

MaxBat can produce any style bat, custom made to the customers’ specifications.

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Taping your wood bat barrel is not really necessary, depending on the wood.

Have you ever seen someone put athletic tape on the barrel of their wood bat? I bet you’ve either wondered why they do that, or you’ve followed suit and wrapped your wood bat barrel in white athletic tape. Yes? So, why is that a thing?  Here’s the answer.  MLB players would wrap their ASH wood […]

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Welcome to, the home of the fastest growing, premier wood baseball bat and baseball accessory companies today. Offering wood baseball bats in your choice of only the finest Rock Maple and Yellow Birch wood species, along with endless custom options, we're sure you'll find exactly the right bat to get the most out of your swing. From the Manny Mota Grip Stick to the Ultimate Gear Bag, we also supply the accessories you need to gear up for game day. Dedicated to the great game of baseball, we never stop striving to be the best wood bat company, because we know the better the equipment, the better the game.

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