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Model 110Y
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Pro Series 110Y

Handle: 15/16" Dia.

Barrel: 2 1/4"

Knob: 1 15/16"

No heavier than -5
No lighter than -7

This youth model is based on the M110. It has the thickest handle of the youth models, which gives it more balance.

Weight will not be heavier than -5 or lighter than -7.

(Ships in 1 - 2 weeks, rush available)
Maple & Birch Models will be ink tested ?


Ink Test Illustration In 2009, MLB mandated that all Maple and Birch bats, destined for a pro player, needed to pass an ink-spot test. When the ink is placed on the bat handle 12"-14" from the knob, it bleeds into the non-visible tangential grains. The straighter the grain, the stronger the wood. The Major League acceptable "grain slope" is 3 degrees or less. All MaxBat Maple and Birch Pro Series bats pass this test, and our acceptable grain slope is no more than 2 degrees.
Grip: None
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Yes +$13.99 - $11.99No

Note: Due to batters' wrapping preferences, grips are NOT applied to your bat at the factory.
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* No Profanity
Knob: Standard
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The knob shown in the bat preview above is the standard Model 110Y knob. Previews of the knob upgrades are not available.

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Standard Knob Preview Standard Knob


Bat will come with the standard Model 110Y knob, as shown in the preview above.

X Knob Preview X Knob

Protection, Balance
& Speed

Learn More

X Knob Preview

X Knob +$10.00

The flared design of the X-Knob helps protect the hamate bone from bruising, and greatly increases the bat's balance. Because of the shape, and where it comes in contact with your lower hand, the X-Knob can ultimately increase overall bat speed too.

ProXR Knob Preview ProXR Knob

Protection, Performance,
& Real Power

Learn More

ProXR Knob Preview

ProXR Knob +$25.00

ProXR ergonomic knob is famous for its reduced knob compression, an increased grip connection, increased bat control, improved performance and a more powerful swing. This ProXR knob is for players who prefer a bit more aggressive, fully connected feel in the hands, promoting more control and power. Sizes include small for most batters, medium for greater hand contact and large for players who prefer oversized knobs. U.S. Pat. 7,744,497

ProXR Epic Knob Preview ProXR Epic Knob

Ultimate Grip, Total Freedom,
& More Power

Learn More

ProXR Epic Knob Preview

ProXR Epic Knob +$25.00

The new ProXR Epic is a hybrid knob design with minimal compression to generate more power. The ProXR Epic pairs ProXR's legendary ergonomics with a no-knob design to deliver a streamlined minimal knob. This design provides a stable grip structure for the fingers while minimizing the knob engagement in the palm. The EPIC is preferred by hitters seeking minimal compression in the grip and greater freedom throughout the swing to drive the ball with more power. This knob delivers the ultimate grip, total freedom and more power! U.S. Pat. 7,744,497

Smart Ready: No
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No Smart Ready Receptacle Not Smart Ready

Choose this option if you do not need a Smart Ready bat.

Smart Ready Receptacle Smart Ready +$10.00

Choose this option if you already own a Blast sensor. Bat will come with a receptacle installed in the knob of the bat ready to receive the Blast sensor.

Smart Receptacle and Sensor Smart Bundle +$139.95

Bat will come Smart Ready and includes the Blast package. Get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help you train smarter and get better. Box includes 1 Blast Sensor, 1 Blast Wireless Charger and USB Cable, and 1 External Bat Attachment.

* Preview bat color may not be an exact match. For illustration purposes only.

Production Time


Estimated to ship on 08/02/2024


Estimated to ship on 07/19/2024.
$30.00 Fee Applies See Details

Rush Production Details

Adding this bat to your cart will make your rush production fee $30.00.

With Rush Production your bats will be manufactured and estimated to ship on 07/19/2024 instead of 08/02/2024 using Standard Production.

Fees for Rush:
— $30.00 for the first bat
— $10.00 for each additional bat

Quantity Total $110.00

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