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Defender Hockey Style Mask

MaxBat has partnered with Force3 Pro Gear to bring you the most advanced and innovative catchers gear.

The Defender Hockey Style Mask incorporates our patent pending S3 Technology, absorbing and reducing energy from frontal impacts. Like our traditional mask, many years of designing, prototyping and testing went into the production of the Defender Hockey Style Mask. The Defender is truly an amazing technological creation that will revolutionize equipment forever. The Defender Hockey Style Mask is NOCSAE® approved, meeting all standards. In addition, an independent third party testing facility concluded that nothing comes close to the protection as the Defender vs. other masks tested against. With the same footprint of a traditional hockey style mask, the Defender?s patent pending technology reduces the Severity Index of most impacts by up to 50% in most cases.

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EXTENDED LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Force3 Pro Gear will replace, refurbish, or fix your mask after normal game impacts, up to 3 times within 5 years of purchase of your mask for only $99 each time. *Details available upon request, and included with every mask.

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