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After playing major college baseball and recently joining a men's league, I needed to find a wooden bat that suited my quirky needs. MaxBat provided exactly that. After using numerous poor quality ash bats that were pro-stock grade purchased in retail stores, I have had no problems with the amazing durablity of MaxBat maple lumber. Simply amazing. They may cost more up front, but in the long run you'll save mega dollars on one good bat instead of many inferior ones. Not to mention the ball just jumps off the bat!!!
MSBL Player
I recently purchased 3 of the S24 model bats. To say that the ball jumps off this bat is a gross understatement. I even had people on the other team comment on the different sound that eminates from this bat when contact is made. In addition, they are durable and well-balanced. I would highly recommend MAXBATS to anyone swinging the ol' lumber....
Bill Smith
Has to be the best wood bats I've ever had the pleasure to swing. Feels great during contact, very smooth. Great sound as well! I was also very pleased with the Customer Service. They are extremely friendly and courteous. I will continue to swing MaxBats, and will more than likely swing them exclusively.
Caleb Dunlop
High School
2008 was our 7th annual wood bat tournament. In the past tournaments, we would order and supply 4 dozen bats to accommodate two sites for a Minnesota High School Varsity Baseball Wood Bat Tournament and would try to keep 50-60 bats on hand for the tournament games. In the past, we have used multiple wood bat products from a variety of suppliers. This year we decided to switch our supplier to MaxBat because of all of the great things I've heard about them. We ordered 36 bats to accommodate this year's tourney and we could not be happier! In a typical tournament, we would break 30 plus bats during this 8 team event consisting of 12 games. THIS YEAR WE MEARLY CRACKED ONE BAT OVER 12 GAMES!....and that came on a bad swing. In my opinion, that is amazing! The players were excited to use MaxBats for the games and they said that it was an unbelievable feeling to hit with the Model R10 and Model 191 maple MaxBat. MaxBat was a great change for us! We used a pro quality bat that was cost effective as well. Our offensive performance was great as well. Over the 3 game span using MaxBats we hit .444 as a team, scored 40 runs, had 44 hits which included 1 homerun. We should use MaxBats everyday with output like this! Thank you MaxBat for making a great high school event even better!
Dan Paulson
Delano HS Head Baseball Coach
The S24 is absolutely ridiculous. The ball rockets off it like a missile. And the 191 is amazing too...sounds like a cannon shot!!!!
Ben Griffin
Amateur Baseball
These are the most phenomenal maple bats on the market. Their power is unmatched. I have noticed an amazing difference when hitting with these bats compared to other brands because of their dense makeup. When taking swings with my MaxBat, I consistently get an incredible feel on contact. Best bats in the game... hands down!
Sam Longacre
Delaware Angels
The best on the service, and best finish by far. I just ordered for the fifth time and I have used the model 243 since early 2007, and not a single bat has broken yet! Now I will try the 191X. I have fallen in love with this piece of art named MaxBat. Thanks...
Alvin Valdez
My first summer of pro ball I borrowed a teammate's T36 to use in BP. My very first swing with the bat I hit it out of the park and knew immediately that I was going to have to order some for myself. I now use MaxBats all the time and won't think about ordering another brand. Thanks MaxBat!
Brian Buck
Pro player - Rookie League
We got our bat order the other day. The time between ordering the bats and receiving the bats was amazingly short. And the bats were beautiful as always. Thank you very much.
Wade Gilbertson
Wahpeton High School - ND
Swung them the day they arrived and loved them. Wasn't expecting them for another two weeks but they came early. I've been swinging them with all my college guys and they drive the ball all over the yard. I've gotten the whole team hooked on them. Thank you guys, keep up the good work!
A.J. Valentine
Yuma Scorpions GBL Independent
I expected my new bat to arrive in about four weeks from the time I ordered. Instead, I got it in one week! Incredible. The balance and weight of my bat, along with the customization, made it the perfect bat for me. The J26 is my new bat. MaxBat is my new supplier.
Adrian Riley
Columbus MABL/MSBL
I purchased a MaxBat because I wanted to get a bat that I could make any color and there were so many different models to chose from. When I placed my order, the confirmation said it would come in two to three weeks and I got it in 7 days. I got to use it right away and went 4 for 5 and the bat has so much power it was sweet...! Thank you for the fast service and awesome bat.
Nathaniel Stelse
High School and Perfect Game Player
I was playing a pick up game with a couple of buddies and I was using my 191. That bat just eats the ball up and by far has the best pop for a wood bat I have ever used. Thanks MaxBat.
James Stolar
MaxBats last much longer than other wood bats I have used. They are far more durable and you can tell that the maple is very high quality. The quick turnaround time is the best in baseball too.
Tyler Weeden
High A - Pro Player
"There isn't a harder wood bat on the market than MaxBat, and I'm a huge fan of the B21. It's the hardest bat I've ever swung. The balance is perfect for a big and long barreled bat, and there is more room for error if I miss-hit a ball. I get consistent bats every time I order from MaxBat, and I'm extremely happy with their durability, turnaround time, and customer service."
Chase Headley
2007 Texas League Player of the Year
Wow! I just recieved my white-hot pack. I figured I'd try a new model since I'd been using the H2 and these white-hot models are simply amazing. The finish really stands out and the bats are perfectly balanced. I went 3-3 in the All-Star game and so far since transfering to the 191 I'm hitting .465 for the second half compared to .321 in the first half with the H2. Your quality can't be matched. You guys have a life long customer with me. Keep up the good work and thanks to Craig Monroe (Detriot Tigers) for introducing me to the MaxBat family.
Jerry Sillivan
United League
MaxBat is the best bat I have ever hit with. I thought I had broken it plenty of times and it doesn't have the slightest crack while other brands would be scattered throughout the infield. I have the B21 model and I love it. I was pleased that I could determine the weight drop. I highly recommend MaxBat as it sets every other brands to shame with their performance and quality.
High School
Great service. I opted for over-night service and got it at 9am the next morning. Then that night in my Del Val game, I hit a first pitch homerun 370ft. This is the best bat I ever had, even better then the exo and stealth. I'm even using it in my legion games. The C4 is great. Yesterday I had a tryout/ showcase and I was the only one with a wood bat. I hit it just as well as the kids with metal. The bat is just fantastic and you will have my business my entire baseball career. Thank you.
David Prager
High School player
My son hit a line drive double the first time he used his new MaxBat. When he came back to the dugout he said, "WOW...It didn't even feel like I hit the ball".
Sean Mullen
Oxford L.L.
AMAZING.... enough said
Kevin Putkonen
Twilight Baseball
Yep...simply put, this is the best bat that I have ever swung and I have been playing ball for over 25 years. Thanks for such good quality.
Chris Morrissey
I may have to order a few more of the pink bats. Some of the pitchers wanted to order them for their moms and wives. They turned out great and had plenty of hits in them. The funny thing was, not one of them broke. In the first few games of the home stand, there were probably 15 broken bats (not your's). Thanks for the good wood! Talk to you soon.
Jeff Lantz
I was catching in AAA and we were playing against Indianapolis (Pirates). Their shortstop, Brian Bixler, was using a MaxBat. I gotta tell you, his bats made a completely different sound than everyone else's. The ball exploded off his bat and I looked down at one when I was catching and it looked like a 110. Let me know if I am correct because I'd like to order some asap.
Chris Coste
Major Leaguer
I've been playing in the United League for 2 years now, and started using the MaxBat H2. This is the most durable bat I've ever swung and I still have 3 of them that I bought in 2004 and am still swinging them. These bats are hard to break and pack just as much power as any aluminum bat I have hit with. Keep up the great work. MaxBats rule.
Jerry Sillivan
United League AAA
I have had 2 Model A10s for two seasons and neither one has any signs of cracking. Great strengh in these bats and a lot of pop too.
Dylan Fulk
When our division was switching to wood bats full time, I needed to find a bat I knew I could rely on. I had 3 bats from that 'Slugger' company but even though they were the exact same model, the only thing that was the same was the model number. I placed an order for 3 191's, one with my signature on it, which I thought was very cool, and when I received them all I could think was I hope they perform as great as they look. Needless to say I was not dissappointed, and as a matter of fact, I was so impressed I inquired about becoming a dealer and now I'm a part of the MaxBat team. Now my entire team swings MaxBats and as more teams in our league see them, more players sign up. Thanks to Jim and the entire MaxBat team for creating an amazing product.
Joe Gomes
MaxBat helped me win the league RBI total in 2005 and also my organization's Minor League Player of the Year award. Great product and great service. I would highly recommend MaxBat to anyone who is serious about baseball.
David Winfree
AA - Pro Player
A big part of baseball is confidence in yourself and in your equipment. MaxBat produces the highest quality bats that give me confidence everytime I go to the plate. Once I find a product that I believe in and works for me, I stick with it. With great pricing, fast turnaround, great product, and personable staff, MaxBat is easily the best bat company I have ever dealt with.
Chris Rahl
AA - Pro Player
Your people have taken care of me and once again they have made me and my nephew very happy. The bat was beautiful and the smile on my nephews face when he saw his first wood bat with his name on it made it all the more special. Thanks for everything again and I'll be purchasing some bats real soon for my own up and coming season.
Mike Greenman
I ordered an R-10 last year and loved it. It outlasted all my other bats and am very happy with that model.
Aaron Skiles
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