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I play in the Wood Bat MSBL Atlanta 38+ division, and I can't see anything that can stop a MaxBat. Your bats pack a punch...
Dennis Taylor
Hey guys. Just wanted to let ya know how great the bats work. I received the triple threat pack midway thru the season and ended up hitting 5 HR, including the first at bat with them. I will definitely be getting more for next season, and try to get a few teammates going thru you as well.
Matt Brekke
No, I am not a professional player, but I do know what good wood feels like. I play in the Maryland Adult Baseball Association ( M.A.B.A.). This past Sunday, I hit this ball so hard that the defense department scrambled a pair of fighter jets to intercept it. The ball was well over 400 ft. I've used many wood bats, but this is the best wood I've used in a long time. Great Bat!!
Faheem Hammett
I wanted to take the time to tell you how much fun i am having playing baseball using my MaxBats. as an ex college baseball player and at age 33 i never hit really with wood until a year and half ago when my team went to a all wood league and i came kicking and screaming for my aluminum bats. well after many broken bats, composite bats, bamboo bats i have settled on the H2 max bat. what a pleasure to swing, and the look is incredible, one of my teammates wives called it a pretty piece of furniture. well i must admit it is that, but no bat made of wood is more forgiving for not hitting on the sweet spot then your bat. i have broken only one in 6 months, and as you know my whole team uses your bats, which we just won the 28 and older wood bat tournament in las vegas. not only are your bats great to use but, i feel you treat our players like we are pro's. without a doubt make no mistake you have the superior product over easton, mizuno, louisville, insert any other company, but what truly sets MaxBat apart from your competition is your love of the game and the people who play it, no matter how small or insignificant they may be to the other companies. (i cant picture louisville slugger coming to my office while seeing big league players so i could buy a couple of bats) i know this email is long but i wanted you to no how much i appreciate the best baseball bat i have ever hit with and the time you have taken for myself and my team.
lawrence sutton
Hello--I recently purchased 2 more of your awesome bats... I am very pleased with their quality and feel, as my other c21 lasted all of last yearI will continue to use MaxBats because I am pleased with their quality. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Kevin Beliveau
"The quality of workmanship that goes into a bat is a big factor for me. With MaxBats, I found that the feel and the consistency of the weight was really nice. I went 3 for 4 in my first game with my 34" MaxBat A10, including a HR. It felt like the bat had more pop in it than other bats I have used in the past and would recommend these to anyone."
Tony Richards
Just wanted to say thanks. I recently ordered the Triple Threat and I have a bat for just about any pitcher that I face. During my 6th game with the bats I hit a home run with my 191 that hit the lights in left center field in Rapid City!! That is by far the farthest ball I have ever hit, and my only wood bat home run. So thanks again for the great bats.
Chris Boub
I got the bat for Christmas, and finally got to swing them last Sunday. It felt amazing. There was no sting at all even when I got it off the end or the handle. Can't wait to swing it some more.
Ryan Davidson
New Hampshire
I just received my bat today. It looks and feels awesome and I can't wait to hit with it! Thanks for your prompt response to my emails.
Norm Tucker
Barre, VT
I need to order some more bats. The guys on the team like them so much, we need a dozen more. Thanks for all of your help.
David Roiger
Lakeville, Minnesota
The bats arrived yesterday and they look great. They almost look too good to swing! Wow! I can't wait to get the pine tar on them and start hacking. Thanks for all the help. Talk to you soon.
Gerard Thompson
Woodstock, Vermont
"Got the bats yesterday after anxiously waiting for the post, but the wait was worth it. They are awesome bats. I took one of them to the yard today and got some swings in. I love the weight and the thick handle (Model 118). The ball absolutely jumped off the barrel. Thanks for all your help and your fine product. I'll be sure to let you know when one of the MaxBats puts one out down under."
Matty Thame
"When I first tried a MaxBat in batting practice, I loved the way the ball jumped off the barrel. I knew I had to have one, so I placed an order and received my bat within a few days. Being a good hitter is all about confidence, and I always feel confident when I'm in the box with a MaxBat in my hands."
Ben Moore
"In my three seasons of professional baseball, I had never hit a homerun until using a MaxBat. It happened in my first at-bat using a black MaxBat A10. I went on to hit two more homeruns that same week. I love these bats."
Max Poulin
Winnipeg Goldeyes (Northern League)
I just recently received my customized MaxBat MBX and I must say it is perfect. It far surpassed my expectations. The craftsmanship of it is amazing. I look forward to passing it along to my son. I just wanted to voice my appreciation for you and your company.
Nathan King
Sweetser, Indiana
My high school son used his MaxBat A10 for batting practice, and after literally thousands of full cut swings, it finally met its fate. He really likes the feel of your bats and is anxious to receive the new one as soon as possible.
Michael Wright
Lockhart, TX
The new J26 bats that you recently made for Joe and me have been great. They are very strong and the finish is incredible. I had never used maple until using your bats and now know that I will stick with maple. I am interested in trying some of your other models. Good luck and you will definitely be hearing from us again.
Jake Mauer
Thank you for your time on the phone today and for being so informative and conscientious in following up on my order! We look forward to receiving the bats.
Jan Sykora
San Diego
I just received my bats today and I only have one question….why didn't I find out about you guys sooner? The bats feel great. The quality of the workmanship is second to none. I just got them taped and cannot wait till I can get the pine tar on them and hit. I want to thank you personally for your insight and help with selecting this particular model that fits me to a "T". You've just won a customer for life.
Michael C. Greenman
Mr. Anderson, I couldn't be happier with the new H2s that I ordered from you. The durability and pop is amazing, not to mention the value for what you provide. Plus, once my teammates saw the bats, they asked where to get them, so I hope they give you some more business. They really are beautiful bats. I don't normally write letters like this because I expect to get what I pay for, but your prompt response to my order, value, and quality of product has really impressed me. I intend to do business with you again when necessary. Thank you.
Scott Schirmer
A highly satisfied customer
I just received my new bat yesterday and used it in batting practice. Never have I felt the response and balance in a wood bat like I felt in yours. The ball flies off the barrel, and I hit a couple balls over 400 ft. And although I don't consider myself small (I am only 5'9'' 175), I have never hit a ball that hard or far with a wood bat. You have just got yourself a new client for the rest of my baseball career. I have used many different company's products before including Stix, Louisville Slugger, Easton, X-bats, Barnstable, and Rawlings, and this is the best bat I have ever had. I have already ordered another two bats for my brother and me. Keep turning a great product.
Matt McCullough
Kankakee, IL
Thanks for the 191!!! It's such a solid and balanced bat, and it comes through the hitting zone so easily. I have to tell you that I hit a HR with it the other day and it didn't even feel like I hit the ball. It's a great model.
Nate Spears
I love these bats. I first received a MaxBat shortly after being drafted by the Twins, and I was amazed at the pop this thing had while taking batting practice with it. I quickly placed an order for more, as did several of my teammates. I personally swing the Model 118 and Model A10 exclusively and would recommend MaxBats to anyone who is looking for a premier maple bat.
Trevor Plouffe
AAA - Pro Player
I was very happy with my MaxBats. They're so hard and strong and they feel great in my hands. I took some shots off the end and the handle during some at-bats, and they held up where other bats would easily break. I will definately be using your bats again in 2006.
Jarod Rine
I ordered 3 bats from you about a month or so ago, and they are absolutely fantastic. They arrived sooner than you had mentioned and I am very happy with them. I appreciate the extra time you spent with me on the phone to help me make the proper selections. There have been a few instances where I hit outside pitches and thought for sure I had broken the bats. They were fine upon inspection. I really love them and I do not think I am going back to aluminum even if our league decides to keep metal. I now officially despise aluminum bats. As a third baseman and catcher, the sooner aluminum goes out of style, the better. I am interested in several more bats and would appreciate your opinion. Thanks again and look forward to talking with you.
Dan Popa
"The fact that your turnaround time is less than a week in most cases, is absolutely mind-blowing. When I need bats, I know that I can get them from you fast. You also have so many models to choose from, it's easier to find a model that I'm comfortable with instead of just settling for the pro-stock that our team provides. I had my best season of professional baseball last year, and I don't think it was a coincidence that it was the first season that I started using your bats."
Jamie D'Antona
AAA - Pro Player
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