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Official Wood Bat of MBA

MBA/MaxBat Logo

The Minnesota Baseball Association is excited to announce that MaxBat has stepped up to the plate to become the first Official Wood Bat of MBA.

“They came to us wanting to be a bigger part of the MBA family,” said MBA Secretary/Treasurer Mike Nagel. “We started some dialogue and MaxBat put together a program that shows it is serious about giving back to amateur baseball. It’s a win for everyone.”

Growth for MN Baseball

This is the first step the MBA is taking to market with corporate sponsors on the state website.
The beauty of this program is all revenues generated will benefit every team in the MBA.
ScoreMonster/DaVinci agreed to revise its contract with the MBA to allow this marketing
initiative to take place. ScoreMonster has the muscle to give MaxBat the website marketing
service they desire. Highlights of the deal include MaxBat sponsoring the “MaxBat Maple
Slugger Award,” similar to MLB silver slugger award. The award will be given out at the end of
the state tournament in all three classes and each winner will receive three custom made
MaxBats to start the 2022 season. Also, all teams playing in the state tournament will be
entered into a free bat giveaway where a random winner will receive a dozen wood bats,
courtesy of MaxBat, at the start of the 2022 season.

“We are honored the MBA has chosen to partner with us to make MaxBat the official bat of
Minnesota Amateur Baseball,” said MaxBat Sales Manager Jason Speidel. “We look forward to
making high quality wood bats at a price Minnesota players can afford for years to come!”

ScoreMonster provides the MBA its content management system and will help amplify the
online presence of both organizations.

“ScoreMonster is excited to be the conduit that brings these two great organizations together,”
said Brian Gotta, ScoreMonster director of sales. “The online presence we provide for
Minnesota baseball engages millions of fans each year and will deliver tremendous and
well-deserved exposure to MaxBat.”

As MaxBat has become a corporate partner of amateur baseball in Minnesota, it has supplied
amateur players throughout the state for years.

“We’ve prided ourselves for years on supplying bats to the majority of amateur teams and
players in Minnesota,” said MaxBat President Paul Johnson. “Partnering with the MBA to be the
official bat is truly an honor. We look forward to providing a great product and service to MBA
players and teams for years to come.”

Those interested in purchasing products can contact MaxBat Sales Manager Jason Speidel at: or by cell at 320-237-6068 or at the office at 320-346-2413. Visit
MaxBat’s website at: .

MaxBat keeps its production facility open for people from amateur ballplayers to the average
baseball fan to tour. MaxBat asks for a $5 donation to view the facility, which it then gives to
Children’s Cancer Research.

About ScoreMonster LLC

ScoreMonster LLC is a sports management website platform whose goal is to make sports
easier and simpler to manage. We strive to make statistics and league interaction easy and
efficient for all levels of athletes, coaches, and fans. ScoreMonster specializes in tailoring
websites for baseball and softball organizations.

About Minnesota Baseball Association

The Minnesota Baseball Association is the governing association for amateur baseball in
Minnesota. Now in its ninth decade, there are 273 teams competing in three classes. Amateur
baseball serves as the backbone for communities across the state from Winona to Warroad.

About MaxBat

MaxBat is a Minnesota-based company located in Brooten, Minnesota that offers the largest
selection of bats in the state. MaxBat is the only Minnesota bat company approved for
professional play. MaxBat takes great pride in its roots in Minnesota amateur baseball. MaxBats are made from
only the finest wood available on the market today. Every piece of wood it sells is professional
grade. MaxBat turns more than 1,000 bat profiles and the list keeps growing. If MaxBat doesn’t have
what you’re looking for, it only takes a matter of minutes to draw a custom profile in its CAD
program.  MaxBat is more than honored to be the Official Wood Bat of MBA!

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