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Official Wood Bat of MBA

MBA/MaxBat Logo

The Minnesota Baseball Association is excited to announce that MaxBat has stepped up to the plate to become the first Official Wood Bat of MBA.

“They came to us wanting to be a bigger part of the MBA family,” said MBA Secretary/Treasurer Mike Nagel. “We started some dialogue and MaxBat put together a program that shows it is serious about giving back to amateur baseball. It’s a win for everyone.”

Growth for MN Baseball

This is the first step the MBA is taking to market with corporate sponsors on the state website.
The beauty of this program is all revenues generated will benefit every team in the MBA.
ScoreMonster/DaVinci agreed to revise its contract with the MBA to allow this marketing
initiative to take place. ScoreMonster has the muscle to give MaxBat the website marketing
service they desire. Highlights of the deal include MaxBat sponsoring the “MaxBat Maple
Slugger Award,” similar to MLB silver slugger award. The award will be given out at the end of
the state tournament in all three classes and each winner will receive three custom made
MaxBats to start the 2022 season. Also, all teams playing in the state tournament will be
entered into a free bat giveaway where a random winner will receive a dozen wood bats,
courtesy of MaxBat, at the start of the 2022 season.

“We are honored the MBA has chosen to partner with us to make MaxBat the official bat of
Minnesota Amateur Baseball,” said MaxBat Sales Manager Jason Speidel. “We look forward to
making high quality wood bats at a price Minnesota players can afford for years to come!”

ScoreMonster provides the MBA its content management system and will help amplify the
online presence of both organizations.

“ScoreMonster is excited to be the conduit that brings these two great organizations together,”
said Brian Gotta, ScoreMonster director of sales. “The online presence we provide for
Minnesota baseball engages millions of fans each year and will deliver tremendous and
well-deserved exposure to MaxBat.”

As MaxBat has become a corporate partner of amateur baseball in Minnesota, it has supplied
amateur players throughout the state for years.

“We’ve prided ourselves for years on supplying bats to the majority of amateur teams and
players in Minnesota,” said MaxBat President Paul Johnson. “Partnering with the MBA to be the
official bat is truly an honor. We look forward to providing a great product and service to MBA
players and teams for years to come.”

Those interested in purchasing products can contact MaxBat Sales Manager Jason Speidel at: or by cell at 320-237-6068 or at the office at 320-346-2413. Visit
MaxBat’s website at: .

MaxBat keeps its production facility open for people from amateur ballplayers to the average
baseball fan to tour. MaxBat asks for a $5 donation to view the facility, which it then gives to
Children’s Cancer Research.

About ScoreMonster LLC

ScoreMonster LLC is a sports management website platform whose goal is to make sports
easier and simpler to manage. We strive to make statistics and league interaction easy and
efficient for all levels of athletes, coaches, and fans. ScoreMonster specializes in tailoring
websites for baseball and softball organizations.

About Minnesota Baseball Association

The Minnesota Baseball Association is the governing association for amateur baseball in
Minnesota. Now in its ninth decade, there are 273 teams competing in three classes. Amateur
baseball serves as the backbone for communities across the state from Winona to Warroad.

About MaxBat

MaxBat is a Minnesota-based company located in Brooten, Minnesota that offers the largest
selection of bats in the state. MaxBat is the only Minnesota bat company approved for
professional play. MaxBat takes great pride in its roots in Minnesota amateur baseball. MaxBats are made from
only the finest wood available on the market today. Every piece of wood it sells is professional
grade. MaxBat turns more than 1,000 bat profiles and the list keeps growing. If MaxBat doesn’t have
what you’re looking for, it only takes a matter of minutes to draw a custom profile in its CAD
program.  MaxBat is more than honored to be the Official Wood Bat of MBA!

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New Look Spring Training

It’s a start

Spring Training is back! But it won’t be your typical Spring Training to say the least.  This year will be a whole New Look for Spring Training.  Many changes will be in effect for 2021 in both the Cactus and Grapefruit League surrounding the current pandemic. The fan and player experience will be different as well as the accustomed Spring Training player interaction for us at MaxBat.

There will be fewer players and fewer teams per organization. Big League camps are allowed to invite 75 players to the big-league portion. Major League and AAA players will proceed at the first portion of camp. The A and AA players arrive after the big clubs pack up and head back to their respective locations.  The theory behind this is to allow for more social distancing.  Making it easier to follow Coronavirus protocols, and to prevent the spread within the whole organization.

New Things this Spring Training

The schedules will be different. Teams are roughly scheduled to play 24 to 28 games in 30 days based on their geographical locations in Florida and Arizona. Managers have the option to play 5 or 7 inning ball games. The fan capacities will be limited to roughly 25% and be required to socially distance and sit in pods. Masks will be required, concession stand purchases will be cashless transactions, and autographs are a no-go from players to fans.

Players and organizational staff members will be required to wear electronic contact tracing wristbands during all group activities.  This includes games, practices, and other workouts in team facilities and while traveling. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary actions as well as fines.

Regular Season Changes

As far as the regular season, teams will be allowed a 28-man roster through August.  This includes a 5 man “taxi squad” when traveling on the road with at least one catcher in the event of a positive test to fill the roster. Strict quarantine practices will be followed on the road as well. Players will be able to leave the team hotel for outside exercise and to dine, just not at venues that are deemed a bar or club venues. No indoor dining is allowed and they cannot be in a setting with a group of more than 10 individuals.

Each team will also be designating a mask enforcement advisor. All non-playing participants, bullpen members, and staff must be required to wear a mask properly above the nose at all times.  Players will receive 2 written warnings before being fined $150 per infraction.

With that being said, let’s hope for a full and healthy season! We’re glad baseball is back and the weather in Minnesota is starting to feel more spring-like with some mild 40-degree temperatures for a few days!  Play Ball!

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Wood Bat Warranty

We will stand by all of our wood bats by offering a warranty against manufacturer defects.  MaxBat, Inc. prides itself on the quality and performance of its products, which not only meet, but also exceed industry quality and durability standards. However, all wood bats are subject to fatigue and a possible breakdown over time.

MaxBat, Inc. offers a one-time replacement for Pro Series or Pro Player Signature Series adult wood bats that failed due to a manufacturing defect.  MaxBat will not replace wood bats that failed due to user error.  Examples of user error that are not covered under the MaxBat wood bat warranty:

  • Hitting dimple balls or anything other than a baseball.  This includes hitting the bat against the ground, home plate, fence, etc.
  • Balls that are batted outside of the sweet spot, particularly balls that are hit towards the logo or off the end of the barrel.  The majority of bats break when a ball is hit out towards the end of the bat barrel.
  • A cracked, chipped or dented cup that does not affect the integrity of the bat. Once a warranty claim has been filed, MaxBat will require pictures to be sent as proof.  In some cases, the bat in question will need to be returned to MaxBat for inspection.  The customer will be responsible for all return shipping charges.

To initiate a claim, please send an email to with the word “Warranty” in the subject line.  You will be contacted by MaxBat personnel regarding the next steps.

Warranty Logo

MaxBat Logo

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How to Care for your Wood Bat

How to Care for your Wood Bat

Because we take so much care when we make your Rock Maple or Yellow Birch wood bat, we want to show you how to care for your bat and make it last:

  1. Never ever throw your wooden bat. MaxBats were not meant to be thrown, nor is any other piece of equipment except the baseball.
  2. Thin handled wood bats are not always your best option. The thinner the handle, the less mass it has. The majority of our wood bats feature a handle diameter of 15/16″ for feel, and strength, and it’s what most professionals want.  For most players a medium handle wood bat is the way to go!
  3. Practice with soft toss and tee work when you first use your new wood bat. This will help train your eye to ensure proper contact with the ball when facing live pitching.
  4. Always position the bat in your hands so the MaxBat logo is facing you (up), or that the logo is on the opposite side facing away from you (down). We take great care to place our MaxBat logo on top of the wood grain to ensure that when a pitched ball is struck, you will make contact with the wood bats strongest surface. The positioning of the label will help you find the “sweet spot” on your bat. Hitting the baseball squarely on the sweet spot will help you reach the fences and beyond!
  5. Don’t leave your wooden bat in the trunk on a hot day. Your car can become an oven. High heat can bake the moisture out of your bat causing it to become brittle. Long periods of exposure to heat is not good for any bat. This is why you want to avoid purchasing a bat from a sporting goods store window. Bats are like people, we want to be comfortable, not hot or cold.
  6. Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at with any of your questions. We love hearing from you.

The better you can take care of your wood bats, the longer they will last.


Wood Bats Protected in a bat case

MaxBat Wood Bats Protected in a bat case

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Batting Gloves Now and Then

Batting Gloves

Batting gloves have been a staple at all levels of baseball for upwards of 60 to 70 years. The reasons behind wearing gloves varies.  Some wear them to keep a firm grip on the bat or to prevent blisters.  In addition, other players wear them for added warmth.  Batting Gloves also offer a reduction of shock to the hands on a mishit ball.

Who used them first?

The origins of the first hitters to use batting gloves isn’t exactly clear. There have been some factoids saying players wore gloves as early as the 1900s. Other reports showing a couple players donning them in the 1930s. Some say  Bobby Thompson was the first to wear batting gloves. Bobby is famous for hitting the “shot heard round the world”. The New York Giants won the pennant in 1951 due to Bobby’s big hit. Some reports show he arrived to spring training in 1949 sporting some golf gloves to protect his hands. Others reminisce of Ted Williams returning from his service in Korea wearing golf gloves in 1953. Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, long time White Sox TV color guy, claims he was the first major leaguer to sport a version of batting gloves in an MLB game.  After golfing 36 holes with teammates before a game against the Yankees he developed some blisters during batting practice.  He remembered he had a red golf glove in his jeans pocked and later used it during the game.

The majority of MLB ballplayers today wear batting gloves. There are other variations we have seen throughout the course of time. Hunter Pence has been known to wear a single glove on his bottom hand. Rod Carew was famous for wearing a single red glove on his top hand. Current player Wil Myers chooses not to wear gloves at all.  These players are few and far between.



MaxBat offers some of the best batting gloves available to the everyday player and in the MLB like Baltimore centerfielder Cedric Mullins. The MaxBat Predator 2 batting glove series offers today’s player the ultimate combination of comfort, moisture management, and breathability. Improved designs feature world renowned Pittards leather that has been specifically engineered with an advanced textured pattern to provide ultimate grip and bat control in all weather conditions. Water resistant properties also give enhanced protection against the effect of perspiration to ensure that the MaxBat Predator batting gloves retain their exceptional feel over the course of a demanding season. Gloves sold in pairs and available in both Youth and Adult sizes.
Predator 2 Batting Gloves

Origins of the Batting Glove from Wikipedia:

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