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Not Just a Wood Bat Company

The MaxBat name has claimed it’s fame by producing the finest wood baseball bats to ever grace the field.  We do offer all kinds of accessories though, so any item that wields our name is made to very high quality standards.   Whether its a bat or bag, or gloves you can rest assured knowing it’s a quality item.  This post will focus on the three different bat bags we produce.

Ultimate Gear Bag

Ultimately this could be the best bat bag you will ever own.  Constructed of high strength 600 Denier Nylon, this bag is as tough as it is functional.  Featuring massive gear storage with room enough for all your gameday bats and gear.  The ultimate gear bag is big enough to fit a full set of catchers gear.  The durable in-line wheels with a wide base, plus removable shoulder strap and sturdy fence clips provide easy mobility and access on gameday.  There is plenty of room for wood bats, metal bats, gloves, catchers gear, cleats and every other baseball necessity.  This bag has a total of 15 pockets, so we’ve got you covered at any level of play.   Dimensions: 39″ L X 15″ W (21″ with cleat cage pockets filled) X 13″ H.

Preview Ultimate Gear Bag


Team Bat Bag

Constructed of 600 Denier polyester, the MaxBat team bat bag provides excellent wood bat storage and protection.  Fully padded throughout, this bag holds up to 15 wood bats utilizing an easy access top panel with circular opening.  Also offering a large zippered side accessory pocket and ID holder, this is a great bat bag for a team or individual player.  This is the best team bat bag on the market!

Preview Team Bat Bag


MaxBat quality and attention to detail shines through again with our backpack. Compact, and yet spacious enough to hold all of your equipment in an easy to carry backpack-style bag. Stylish and durable with plenty of pockets, sturdy all-metal fence hooks, and all-access zippers. This bag is built with heavy-duty 600 denier and tactical honeycomb Dolby nylon.  This bat bag has the same durable material as our Ultimate Gear Bag. Featuring a large expandable bottom with mesh ventilation for cleat storage to keep all your gear separate and clean.

Preview Backpack

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Wood Bats, Wood Bat Companies, and Wood Bat Billets

FullSizeRender(1)Do a search for wood bats on any major search engine, and you’ll be amazed at the number of options that might appear. The average consumer might think that a wood bat is a wood bat, and there is not much difference between wood bat companies.

However, there are HUGE differences in the raw materials that are used between wood bat companies, and manufacturing methods need to be taken into consideration when choosing a wood bat.

First of all, all wood billets are not created equal. In order to produce a wood bat with the straightest grain, a wood bat manufacturer needs to start with a premium wood billet. MaxBat only uses hand-split billets, because of their straightness of grain, yield, and overall performance. These billets cost more than those produced from sawn logs, but the old saying is “you get what you pay for”, correct? We’ve found that by using these billets to make our wood bats, MaxBats can be produced with better results than most other wood bat companies in the market.

The size of the company should also be taken into consideration. Yes, it’s neat that pretty much anyone with a lathe and a billet can produce a wood bat, but if you’re a serious ballplayer, and want a consistent and high-performance wood bat, you really ought to avoid the hobbyist bat manufacturer who spins a bat now and then in their garage. Hats off to these guys who are passionate about the game of baseball, but the precision needed to make high end wood bats can’t be replicated on hand lathes.

Also be aware that there’s a difference between Wood Bat Companies, and Wood Bat Brands. Private Labeling is offered by some wood bat companies to baseball enthusiasts who want to simply put their own label on a wood bat. The bottom line is that private labeled wood bats are typically made from lower quality wood or wood billets, and it’s a great way for wood bat companies to get rid of their waste. MaxBat is approached by individuals all the time that want us to private label for them, however we want to avoid that and focus all of our energy and efforts into making our own bats, and not someone else’s. And since we use the cream of the crop in wood billets, we virtually have zero duds, therefore there isn’t much of a need to find a brand to private label.

So, just some tips for the wood bat consumers out there who are shopping for their first wood bat. All wood bats are not created equally.

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